2 Louisiana men face each 8th drunk driving charge

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When some people in Louisiana are arrested for a crime, they may be unaware of their rights. As a result, they often seek guidance from an experienced professional. This is likely especially true for someone who is facing a serious charge, such as his or her eighth drunk driving offense. Unfortunately, two men have recently found themselves in this situation.

The most recent arrest was made on a day in late October. According to reports, police noticed a vehicle that they claim made “multiple lane violations” at approximately 11 p.m. Police say that chemical testing indicated that the 34-year-old male driver’s blood alcohol content was significantly over the legal limit.

The other man facing his eighth drunk driving charge was most recently arrested on a day in early October. Reports accuse the 55-year-old man of speeding when officers pulled him over. In addition to his eighth driving while intoxicated offense, the man also faces allegations of failure to have an Interlock Device on his car as well as traffic citations.

Unfortunately, the two men accused of drunk driving may face serious consequences if convicted. To help them navigate the criminal justice system and help ensure they are treated lawfully throughout, they may choose to seek the guidance of an attorney who has experience with such charges. Often, people facing criminal charges in Louisiana and other areas of the country must make difficult decisions, and without proper guidance, they may be forced to make decisions without fully understanding the potential outcomes.

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