Criminal defense: Louisiana man accused of robbery after release

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It is a rare person who has not made a mistake in his or her life. While some mistakes are more serious than others, there is always the possibility of making changes that will prevent similar mistakes from being repeated. Unfortunately, some people in Louisiana assume that those who have made certain mistakes, such as a committing a crime that led to imprisonment, are destined to repeat them. For example, a man was recently arrested just days after he was released from prison. He is now likely considering his criminal defense.

The man was released in early November as part of bipartisan efforts to reduce both the prison population and the costs of imprisonment. Those released had no history of violent or sexual crimes. However, just days after the 24-year-old man was released, police say that he committed a robbery.

The alleged crime occurred at a residence where two workers were repairing a roof. Police claim that they interviewed people in the neighborhood and identified the suspect based on information provided. It is unclear what information was obtained through those interviews. The man was arrested soon afterward with police claiming they found a gun at his residence. He now faces charges of attempted armed robbery and robbery.

Regardless of a person’s past, everyone in the United States who is accused of a crime is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise. That presumption is just as valid for someone just released from prison as it is for someone who has never been accused of a crime. Nevertheless, this Louisiana man may be facing potentially severe consequences should he be convicted of the new charges. To help ensure that he is treated lawfully, he may choose to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who will look out for his best interests.

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