Criminal defense: Freshman charged with murder in campus shooting

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For many students in Louisiana and across the country, college is a time of learning and gaining new experiences. Unfortunately, a freshman at one college has recently been arrested and is likely considering his criminal defense. Although he has been charged with murder, many of the details of the case against him are unclear.

The incident that led to his arrest allegedly happened early one morning on a day in October on a college campus in Louisiana. According to reports, two males were shot — a 23-year-old senior at the college and a 23-year-old who was not enrolled. Police say that they do not believe the incident was an act of terrorism. Initial reports indicating that the suspect in the case was not a student at the university were inaccurate.

Reports further indicate that police believe that the parties involved knew each other to some degree. Some sort of disagreement allegedly began in a college dorm room before spilling out onto a courtyard. The cause of the disagreement is unclear.

As a result of the Louisiana shootings, a young man is now facing allegations of first-degree murder. Because he likely has little experience creating a criminal defense to murder charges, he would likely benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney who can examine all elements of the case, including whether the events of the night were the result of self-defense. In order to gain a conviction, prosecutors must provide sufficient evidence that the young man is guilty beyond reasonable doubt — a standard that is purposefully set high in order to avoid wrongful convictions.

Source: ABC News, “Grambling State University freshman arrested for murder of 2 shot dead on campus“, Emily Shapiro, Oct. 27, 2017

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