2 face drug charges in Louisiana

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Multiple drug-related arrests were recently made in Louisiana. The arrests on drug charges were made on two separate days. When people have been accused of committing drug crimes, they are presumed innocent until and unless their guilt is proved in a criminal court.

One arrest took place on a Sunday as part of an undercover operation. A 49-year-old woman was taken into custody for allegedly possessing over 4 grams of methamphetamine and intending to distribute it, and she possessed more than 6 grams of marijuana. Police had investigated the woman for over two months, receiving information from a confidential informant. A bond of $13,000 was set for the woman.

A second arrest happened on a Saturday after police got information about potential drug activity in a business. When police searched the business, a 39-year-old man denied all allegations made. However, when police searched the property, they reportedly found a syringe that had a tiny amount of what they suspected to be meth. Police said they also found a grinder that is used for pot as well as several marijuana cigarettes that had been partially smoked. He faces charges of marijuana possession, meth possession and drug paraphernalia possession; a bond of $4,500 was set for him.

The individuals accused of drug charges may go to trial to fight the allegations. At trial, prosecutors must prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be secured. The individuals may also be given the chance to plea bargain with prosecutors, which may lead to reduced charges and lighter sentences than what they would be given if found guilty at trial. The criminal defense will seek an outcome that is in the best interest of the accused in Louisiana.

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