Man faces drug charges following alleged domestic dispute

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One man in Louisiana will likely need a strong criminal defense after his recent arrest. The arrest occurred on a recent Tuesday in Washington Parish and included drug charges. The 31-year-old man is said to have committed multiple offenses.

Police said a domestic dispute took place in a store parking lot. The man had already left this parking lot, but police found him at a local food store. Police said he had several illegal items with him, including illicit drugs and firearms.

Authorities reported that they discovered more than 1.5 pounds of pot, a gram of heroin and crack cocaine during their search. They also allegedly found six narcotic pain medications, multiple firearms and more than $4,200. Police said they also found a dead deer and raccoon in his vehicle’s trunk. The man now faces multiple charges, including possessing drugs and intending to distribute them, possessing drug paraphernalia, possessing dangerous substances along with weapons, and failure to appear. He is in jail with a $110,000 bond.

When a person faces drug charges in Louisiana, he or she is always presumed innocent unless his or her guilt is proved in a court of law. The drug charges have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the government before a criminal conviction is possible. If given the opportunity, the person may plea bargain with prosecutors instead of going to trial, which may lead to lighter charges or a lighter sentence for the accused individual. An individual charged with drug crimes is entitled to the exact same legal protections guaranteed to people charged with other types of crimes in the state.

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