Woman faces drug possession charge in Louisiana

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No one likes to be accused of doing something wrong, particularly if it can result in serious consequences and a bad reputation. If a person faces criminal drug charges in Louisiana, these charges must be proved in court beyond a reasonable doubt. Failing that, no conviction is possible. One woman in our state currently faces a drug possession charge in addition to being accused of committing traffic violations.

The 30-year-old woman was taken to jail for allegedly possessing legend drugs, which is a felony. She also faces misdemeanor charges of failure to have her driver’s license with her, careless operating and hit-and-run. Her bond was more than $8,700.

The incident took place when police got a call on a recent Tuesday night about a woman who appeared distraught. The individual also smelled like alcohol and was not steady when standing, police said. Reportedly, they found her in possession of several benzatropine and buspirone pills. Her driving-related charges were connected to her allegedly hitting a mailbox and causing it to fall over. Police continued to investigate the incident.

Since the woman faces a felony drug possession charge, she may end up having to go to prison and even pay significant fines if convicted. She has the right to contest the charges in court with the hopes of being acquitted, or she may attempt to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors to get certain charges reduced or dismissed and/or lessen any sentenced imposed. Her criminal defense counsel will undoubtedly work to ensure that the woman’s considerable rights are preserved throughout the entire Louisiana criminal proceeding.

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