Representation an urgent need for attempted murder charges

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When an individual is charged with a serious crime, one of the first things that should be addressed is securing solid legal counsel. Louisiana courts take violent crime very seriously, and rightfully so. When an individual is accused of such a crime, the legal response needs to be swift, targeted and well-executed. A prime example lies in the case of a man recently charged with attempted murder. Without the proper legal representation, he could face severe punitive measures in the event of a conviction.

The case revolves around a confrontation between three individuals in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. According to police, a homeless man was attempting to help a woman who was trying to avoid conflict with her boyfriend. The boyfriend, a 35-year-old man, allegedly fired a shot into the homeless man’s tent. The shooting was witnessed by a State Trooper in the area.

Police also report that prior to the weapon being discharged, the homeless man confronted the other man concerning the conflict between he and the woman. A physical confrontation followed, and it is unclear whether the gun was produced in an act of self defense or aggression. There is no word on whether the homeless man or the woman were armed at the time of the altercation. The man who fired the weapon was arrested and charged with attempted murder, among multiple other charges.

As this case moves forward, the Louisiana man accused of this violent crime will need to secure solid legal representation. Upon a review of all of the evidence involved, a legal response will be crafted, and a strategy set into place. While the accusations against this man are very serious, there may be more to the story than initially gleaned from the police report. Having a well-planned legal response could make a world of difference in the eventual outcome of this case.

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