Woman accused of injuring 5 due to drunk driving

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There can be many reasons for a motor-vehicle accident to occur. Weather, distraction or driver error should all be considered as factors in determining the cause of a collision. Recently, a Louisiana woman was arrested after injuring five pedestrians while driving. According to law enforcement, she was drunk driving at the time of the incident.

Reportedly, the 45-year-old woman was operating her truck as she entered a right curve on the roadway and began crossing the centerline. As she did so, she struck five pedestrians on the left side of the road. At the time of the incident, the five were fishing off the shoulder of the roadway.

Three of the five victims were seriously injured, while the other two were treated for minor injuries. The driver did not suffer any injuries from the accident. According to law enforcement, the woman displayed signs of impairment and submitted to a breath test at the scene. The authorities claim that her blood alcohol content was above the legal limit.

Being involved in an accident can be frightening enough, but to be accused of being responsible for causing harm to others is intimidating. There may be more factors involved in an accident, including the potential human error when administrating a Breathalyzer test regarding an apparent a drunk driving accident. In order to provide clarity to the allegations and to review the evidence brought against the accused, it would be beneficial to enlist a knowledgeable attorney to help navigate through the Louisiana criminal justice system in search of the best possible outcome for the client.

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