Criminal defense for man accused of attempted kidnapping

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A Louisiana man is in custody after being accused of attempting to kidnap two children in a marketplace. Accusations involving potential harm to children is serious and can be frightening for the accused. As he faces these allegations, he is likely considering his criminal defense options as he waits to appear in court.

According to police, the 33-year-old man entered the shopping center on a recent Friday afternoon. He encountered a woman with her child and apparently began making threats and demands. According to law enforcement, the woman stated the accused told her if she did not follow his directions, her life would be in danger. After the reported threats, the woman then escaped with her son.

As the first reported kidnapping failed, it is said that the man ran with a machete, swinging at employees coming to the aid of the woman. The accused supposedly tried a second attempt at taking a child but failed as the child was strapped into the shopping cart. Shortly after, the man was apprehended by police. He is facing multiple charges, including second-degree kidnapping and aggravated assault.

When someone is accused of a crime, the charges brought before the court must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to bring a conviction. However, an individual can seek a plea deal rather than going to trial. Opting for a negotiation may lead to a lighter sentence than what would result from a guilty verdict at trial. Those facing criminal charges can seek the help of a Louisiana criminal defense attorney to help them navigate the criminal justice system and achieve the most favorable outcome possible for their situations.

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