Wife assaulted, husband charged with a crime

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After a Louisiana woman went through a harrowing encounter with a masked intruder, police have arrested her husband and charged him with multiple crimes. Details of the home invasion are disturbing, and the couple have been the subject of previous allegations of domestic violence. The husband has been charged with a crime while investigators continue to work to determine exactly what took place in the Eunice residence.

According to the woman, she was walking through her home on a recent weekday morning when a masked man came around a corner and threw a liquid substance at her. The liquid was eventually determined to be acid, and the woman later sought treatment for burns to her face. After the initial attack, she was bound at the wrists and ankles with plastic zip ties and moved from room to room within the residence.

She told police that the masked man never spoke during the incident, but he wrote a list of demands within a notebook. Among those demands was that she not sell her business, a local convenience store. She claims that the intruder threatened her with a knife, and that he used her cell phone to take photos of her after she was bound. At some point after the man left the house, she was able to get to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

The woman claims that the man’s height and weight match that of her estranged husband. She also asserts that the handwriting for the notebook matches his handwriting. When police searched the man’s car, they found clothing that matched the description given by the woman, as well as tie straps. Police also allegedly found the woman’s cell phone within the man’s home.

If the evidence strongly suggests that the Louisiana man was responsible for these acts of violence and was rightfully charged with a crime, his defense team may ask for a mental health evaluation. The results of that process can provide guidance as to whether the man is capable of participating in his own defense. Should a conviction be attained, evidence concerning the man’s mental health might also factor into the sentencing process.

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