Repeat DUI offenders benefit from strong criminal defense

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Penalties for drunk driving convictions in Louisiana are strict to begin with. Even a first offense can mean mandatory jail and the potential for thousands in fines as well as other consequences. It is understandable that subsequent convictions can bring severe penalties, so building a strong criminal defense is critical. Since many DUI arrests are based on subjective evidence, it is always a wise idea to seek legal advice before facing the charges in court.

One man may benefit from such advice after his recent arrest. The 45-year-old man was charged with felony DUI because of previous arrests in other parishes of Louisiana. Since the state’s parishes have no network with which to share arrest information with each other, district attorneys must contact each of the 13 parishes individually to determine if a driver has previous DUI offenses on record. Apparently, this man has six previous DUI arrests since 2010 and three breath test refusals. However, he has only one DUI conviction.

The man was arrested after police allegedly noticed him swerving through traffic. Officers say he was unsteady and smelled of alcohol. He also apparently failed roadside sobriety tests. Once police arrested him, he reportedly refused to take a breath test. He is currently awaiting a November trial for one prior arrest, and police must wait for a conviction before charging him as a repeat offender.

Facing charges of repeated DUIs can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, even with past convictions, everyone has the right to seek quality criminal defense to fight the charges and defend their rights. A Louisiana attorney can provide the advocacy and representation to bring about the most positive resolution to a DUI arrest.

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