Drug charges and drag racing don’t mix well

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Drag racing is never a good idea. When drag racing is combined with drug use the potential for a tragic accident rises dramatically. This was the case in a recent fatality resulting from a drag race in the New Orleans area. In addition to vehicular homicide, a young man is also facing Louisiana drug charges.

Young men in their teens are inclined to engage in risky behavior and don’t always think things through before they take action. This could be true in the case of an 18-year-old who is charged with vehicular homicide in the death of another man. The teenager was allegedly driving his Ford Mustang at a speed of about 120 mph when he lost control of it. The car slammed into a parked pickup truck that was occupied by a man and his son.

The man and his son were both transported to a local hospital. The father passed a way a short time later. The son suffered serious injuries. A toxicology test reportedly revealed that the young driver was under the influence of Marijuana at the time of the crash. He is now facing drug charges in addition to vehicular homicide.

A young person facing criminal charges, including drug charges, in Louisiana may be unsure of one’s legal rights. Anyone charged with a crime is entitled to representation by an attorney. One facing charges may benefit from seeking the advice of a lawyer who can inform the client of all available legal options and work to protect his or her legal rights at every stage of the criminal proceedings.

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