Prostitution, drug charges filed following undercover operation

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Four individuals in Louisiana were arrested following an operation that was done undercover at a hotel. They currently face prostitution and drug charges. The arrests were made starting late on a Thursday night to early the next morning.

According to the police’s investigation, a 30-year-old man was serving as a pimp for two women. A third one was reportedly engaging in prostitution. When police made contact with the man and one of the first two women, they reportedly found several marijuana blunts. Authorities also allegedly discovered a cigarillo that was used for smoking marijuana and a glass pipe that had methamphetamine residue on it.

Police also said that when they searched the man, they found $750 in fake cash on him. A corrections officer is also said to have found marijuana hidden in the man’s underwear. The specific drug charges filed following the hotel investigation include possessing marijuana, possessing methamphetamine, possessing drug paraphernalia and introducing marijuana into a jail. Other charges filed include pandering and promoting prostitution.

As their cases involving prostitution and drug charges move forward through the Louisiana criminal justice system, the accused parties — alongside their legal counsel — might have the chance to negotiate plea agreements in exchange for reduced charges or personally favorable sentencing considerations. The choice of whether to take a plea deal, if one is offered, rests with the accused. The defendant retains the right to go to trial on the merits, where prosecutors must prove his or her charges beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can happen.

Source:, “Narcotics task force arrests four on prostitution, drug charges in Bossier“, Miles Jay Oliver, Sept. 24, 2016

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