Man in Louisiana accused of several sex crimes

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A man in Louisiana has pleaded guilty to both child pornography and sexual battery. The man was sentenced on a recent Monday for these sex crimes. He is expected to spend 25 years behind prison bars.

According to police, these criminal acts were discovered back in 2014 when a woman read in the diary of her daughter that the man had inappropriately touched the girl. The girl was 6 years old then. When the mother questioned the daughter about it, the girl reportedly told her that the inappropriate touching had taken place several times.

When police investigated the case, the girl told police that the man had touched her and may have also taken a photo of the girl’s private area. Police arrested the man and seized undeveloped film, a camera computer and camera memory cards by using a search warrant. The suspect ended up being charged with child pornography (56 counts). His sentence for his sexual battery charge will be 25 years, while that for his child pornography charges will be 10 years, with the sentences running concurrently.

If a person has been accused of sex crimes, his or her charges must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt at trial before he or she can be convicted. However, rather than going to trial, the individual may decide to strive to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution, which may lead to a lighter sentence than what would be rendered following a guilty verdict at trial. Either way, the criminal defense will work to protect the client’s best interest in the Louisiana criminal justice system.

Source:, “Madisonville man admits sexual battery, 56 counts of child porn”, Kim Chatelain, Sept. 13, 2016

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