Louisiana woman charged with a crime: Cookie dough theft?

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Many in our state who have children in elementary school know that every year kids are asked to sell products such as cookie dough or wrapping paper to their parents and neighbors in a fundraising effort for cash-strapped schools. Now, one Louisiana woman is accused of taking the cookie dough and chocolate intended for a school-related sale and re-selling the goods. The woman has been charged with a crime as a result of her alleged actions.

Louisiana authorities assert that the woman in this case forged the signature of a school principal and used the Caddo Parish School Board seal to obtain the cookie dough. Using a fake school name, the woman ordered almost $3,000 in cookie dough and chocolate product. Then, officials say, she re-sold the cookie dough and chocolate and kept the cash.

The woman has been charged with a crime that includes forgery and theft. She was arrested and taken into custody after authorities say that they discovered the re-sale. However, it is unclear from reports just how much money the woman was able to resell the product for or if she completed a resell transaction prior to her arrest.

The woman in this case who has been charged with a crime must now work to create a defense against the allegations made against her. As she does, she may be able to offer some explanation into her actions in this matter. What is important to remember is that she, like all who have been charged with a crime in our state, is innocent until proven guilty.

Source: The Sun Herald, “Police: Louisiana woman stole, resold cookie dough,” Sept. 18, 2012

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