Louisiana man faces drug possession charge after arrest

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A series of community tips led police in one Louisiana town to a local home recently. Because of the community reports, which included a written letter and phone calls, authorities suspected that drug activity was being conducted in the vicinity of the home. One man at the residence was arrested on a drug possession charge, and others, after authorities conducted a search of the residence.

Police entered the home with a search warrant issued on the basis of the community tips. At the home, police report that they found marijuana, a scale, bags and a relatively large amount of cash. The local man who was charged with drug possession was in the home when police arrived and was arrested at the scene. No one else was present in the residence.

The arrest of the man came after what authorities describe as a month-long investigation of suspicious activities at the home. It is unclear if the man arrested at the home was a subject of the investigation, or if there are other suspects in the case who have not been arrested. It may be the case that the man was at the home for reasons other than for what he is suspected.

When someone in Louisiana is accused of a crime and faces a drug possession charge, they maintain the right to present a defense against the claims. In cases such as this one, the incidence of the arrest may be the subject of inquiry as the defense is presented. For anyone charged with a crime in our state, the details surrounding the search and arrest may become important as they seek to challenge the accusations made against them.

Source: Fox 8 Live, “Drug arrest is made in Slidell after tips to police,” Sept. 13, 2012

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