Louisiana traffic stop leads to drug charges

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Louisiana residents may or may not be aware of the number of drug charges heard in court each year. Drug charges can vary greatly in seriousness and consequences. A recent Louisiana traffic stop lead to one woman being arrested on numerous charges.

The 31-year-old woman was stopped by police after the vehicle she was driving did not display the appropriate license plate. The plate on her vehicle belonged to a different vehicle. As the officer talked with the woman, it was determined her driver’s license was not valid and she did not have appropriate vehicle registration or valid insurance. Reports stated that the woman continued to put her hands in her purse after she was told not to.

After searching her purse, the officer found several types of pills, as well as marijuana and unspecified drug paraphernalia. The woman allegedly admitted the contents of the purse belonged to her. At that time she was arrested and taken to a local facility where she is facing several charges that include drug charges.

Any Louisiana resident facing a similar situation or other drug charges could find researching their rights under the applicable state laws beneficial as they face the criminal accusations. A conviction could easily result in jail time, and knowing the appropriate steps to take could potentially change an accused individuals future. Knowing all available options, including the possibility of being eligible for a plea bargain, could help in protecting important legal rights and hopefully get back to their daily life as quickly as possible.

Source: Baton Rouge News, Traffic Stop Turns Into Drug Arrest for Baton Rouge Female, No author, Oct. 9, 2013

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