Louisiana man charged with a crime — armed bank robbery

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Police recently arrested a Louisiana man and charged him with bank robbery. He is now behind bars after police allege that he stole $14,000 from a Louisiana bank. The chief of police for the town where the arrest took place appeared at a press conference to announce that the suspect had been apprehended on Oct. 7. The man was arrested at approximately 8 p.m on Friday, Oct. 4. Individuals who are charged with a crime such as bank robbery could face a lengthy jail sentence if convicted; therefore, it is wise for them to prepare a strategic legal defense that will either get their charges dropped or reduce their punishment in the event they are convicted.

According to the police chief, local members of the community called into the police department with tips, which led to the arrest of the man. Officers arrested the man while he was in his him. Allegedly, they discovered $12,000 of cash inside his home. Police are saying that it was stolen cash.

The man now faces the charge of armed robbery. After his arrest he was booked at the correction center located in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Being charged with a crime in Louisiana, no matter how big or small, is a serious matter that must be addressed through the state or federal court system in order to resolve. While many individuals utilize free, court-appointed representation to help assert a legal defense on their behalf, those charged with a crime have the option of selecting their own defense counsel. Depending on their situation and the unique facts of a case, numerous legal defense strategies can be employed on behalf of the accused to seek dismissal of certain charges or fight for other optimal results. In the best of outcomes, an entire case can get dismissed on either factual or legal grounds.

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