Louisiana man faces drug charges after traffic stop

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A Louisiana man faces several charges after he was pulled over by a police officer late at night. According to a Louisiana sheriff’s office, the drug charges originated when the 24-year-old man was initially observed by an officer operating his motor vehicle without proper brake lights. The officer initiated the stop based on this alleged infraction.

The officer asserted that the man was acting nervously when he approached the vehicle. This purportedly gave the officer reason to be suspicious of the man. The man was reported to have the given the officer consent to search his vehicle. The officer says that he found drugs on the man during the search.

It was also discovered by the officer that the man apparently had an active warrant for his arrest. The man was transferred to a local jail where he was processed for the charges, which included abuse of toxic vapors and possession of synthetic cannibinoids. In an early news report, there was no mention of any bail having been set.

Every Louisiana resident has a right to privacy. If the man in this case is to be convicted of the charges against him, it will need to be proven that the officer did in fact have a proper reason to pull his vehicle over. Also, the state may need to prove that the officer had a lawful reason to search the vehicle after pulling the man over for only a minor traffic violation. In order to challenge these allegations, the accused man may benefit from seeking to contest the evidence that led to these drug charges.

Source: WAFB 9 News, “Man faces synthetic drug charges after traffic stop,” Joshua Auzenne, July 25, 2012

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