Bad checks lead to Louisiana woman being charged with a crime

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An individual close to an elderly lady allegedly discovered some suspicious checks being written. The individual reported the suspicions to the Louisiana police who then commenced an investigation. The investigation led to a woman being charged with a crime due to her alleged involvement.

The woman, who has been identified as being 49 years of age, was recently arrested and charged with forgery, identify theft and exploitation of infirmed persons. The last charge arises because the alleged victim is 92-years-old. It is unclear as to what evidence lead the police to this particular woman.

According to police, the woman is alleged to have written checks in the amount of $1,700 on the elderly woman’s account. An individual who had power of attorney over the elderly woman stated that they wished to have charges brought against the suspected woman. Since her arrest, the woman has been held at a local jail on $30,000 bond. It is not clear at this time when she will appear in court to answer to the charges.

Crimes against the elderly hold serious penalties in Louisiana if the allegations result in a conviction. However, the evidence in this case appears to be scarce at this time, leaving doubt as to whether the woman is in fact guilty of the allegations filed against her. In these types of cases, it may be important to look at other individuals close to the alleged victim, to see if there is a possibility that someone else may have been responsible for issuing the bad checks. If these suspicions are supported by evidence, a vigorous defense may reveal another individual who, instead of the defendant, should be the one charged with a crime.

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