Louisiana man charged with possession with intent to distribute

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New Orleans police have apprehended a man on drug charges. Authorities allege that the Louisiana man had been selling large quantities of drugs in the New Orleans Central Business District. The 29-year-old man will now have to face charges of drug possession with intent to distribute.

Police say that they arrested the man at approximately 6:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday. The officers were on patrol when they allegedly witnessed him selling drugs in what they have described as a hand-to-hand drug deal. When officers approached the man, they claim he was defensive, and the officers began to struggle with him.

During the altercation, police say that the man attempted to reach into his clothing. This is when officers say they found 155 marijuana bags and dozens of pieces of crack rock. Police also say they found 21 heroin foils and almost $500 in cash.

Officers arrested the man immediately and booked him on charges of possession with intent to distribute three different types of narcotics. A warrant was already out for the man’s arrest in another Louisiana parish. However, it is not known how serious those charges are.

Being found in possession of so many narcotics, along with the allegation that officers witnessed him making a drug deal, could cause the man to land in jail if he is convicted of the criminal accusations. Therefore, it will be important for him to bring the strongest possible criminal defense forward in a Louisiana court with regard to the possession with intent to distribute allegations. The man may also be able to reach a plea bargaining deal, where he could potentially avoid stiffer punishments in exchange for pleading guilty to certain charges.

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