Former NFL football player wanted in Louisiana for sex crimes

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Louisiana residents who are accused of crimes in another state could be extradited to that state to face the charges. Similarly, if a person is pulled over for a minor traffic offense in another state, and police discover that he or she is wanted for sex crimes in Louisiana, then the individual may be extradited back to Louisiana. This is precisely what could happen to a former NFL player who is facing rape accusations in two states.

Darren Shaper, a former professional player in the NFL, is wanted in Louisiana for rape. However, he is currently defending himself against charges of drugging and raping two women in a different state. Recently, a superior court in that state ordered that the ex-NFL player will remain in the state in custody rather than being extradited back to Louisiana. Further hearings were expected.

According to the man’s California attorney, prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence to convict him in Louisiana. In California, where he is currently being held, he is accused of raping and drugging two women, and he is accused of drugging two other women. The charges he faces in Louisiana are similar — namely, he is accused of sexual assault against two women after drugging them, although no formal charges have as yet been filed.

Sex crimes investigations have also been commenced regarding the football player’s activities in Florida, Nevada and Arizona. Depending upon the severity of charges brought against one in another state, an individual may first have to complete court proceedings in the state where he or she is being held. If the charges against the accused are more severe in the other state, however, a court may elect to extradite the accused to the other state immediately. In cases where the threat of extradition exists, like this one, the accused will likely need separate defense counsel to handle the charges in the different states.

Source: Reuters, Ex-NFL player wanted for rape will stay in California for now, Brandon Lowrey, March 7, 2014

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