Louisiana man arrested on multiple sex crimes charges

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A Louisiana man was recently arrested on sex crimes allegations. The sex crimes charges came in the wake of him being suspected of aggravated incest, juvenile molestation and production of child pornography. A search warrant was first executed by investigators in Nov. 2012, allowing them to search the man’s home.

Investigators claim that the pornographic images seized were of children aged less than 13. Multiple images were allegedly discovered during their investigation. As a result, the man will face 20 different counts of child pornography production.

If this man is convicted of the aggravated incest and the juvenile molestation charges alone, he could be sent to prison for as many as 99 years. Each of the child pornography production charges, on the other hand, comes with the threat of serving 20 years in jail. In this sense, if he is convicted of all the charges he could face a sentence of 499 years behind bars.

While such a lengthy sentence is realistic since the man wouldn’t live that long, the fact of the matter is that this Louisiana man could be sent to prison for the rest of his life if convicted. This is why it is so important that one brings forward a cohesive, well-planned and strategic legal defense any time an individual faces sex crimes charges. By successfully navigating the defense in this case — and perhaps reaching a plea bargaining agreement with the prosecution — this man may be able to greatly reduce the threat of being sentenced to so many years in prison. He may even be able to increase the likelihood that he be eligible for early release on parole.

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