2 charged with drug possession with intent to distribute

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Two residents of Opelousas were recently arrested for drug charges after police officers conducted an investigation lasting several months. Officials claim that when they searched the Louisiana man and woman’s residence, they discovered cocaine hidden in a children’s toy. Additionally, police say that they seized packaging materials, scales and more than $5,000 cash. They charged the couple with possession with intent to distribute.

According to police, the cocaine that they discovered in the residence has a street value of approximately $3,000. The cocaine was purportedly packaged individually, in gram-sized portions distributed among 36 bags. All the drugs that authorities claim to have seized were reportedly stuffed inside a teddy bear.

Due to the fact that the allegedly seized items — such as the packing materials and scales — could relate to drug trafficking, both of the arrested individuals will face charges of possession with intent to distribute. These charges could result in jail time for the accused pair, should they be found guilty in court. Nevertheless, they will each have the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations by presenting a well-planned and focused criminal defense.

Criminal defense against charges of drug possession with intent to distribute in Louisiana requires a close examination of all the facts of the case to determine the best possible avenue for defense. In certain situations, an individual may succeed in getting the most serious of his or her charges dropped, while less serious charges remain. In such situations, the accused may be able to avoid jail time or stiffer punishments should a conviction ultimately be secured. Sometimes, however, if the facts of a case appear particularly strong against an individual, the goal of the legal defense may be to seek a plea agreement to specific charges in exchange for favorable sentencing consideration.

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