Louisiana criminal defense: Man surrenders after wife’s death

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All couples in Louisiana have unique relationships. Some, especially when a romantic relationship ends, can be marked by anger and animosity. However, even in such a scenario, violence is relatively rare. Unfortunately, a man in Louisiana is likely considering his criminal defense following his recent arrest in connection with his ex-wife’s death.

Police believe that the 56-year-old man may have hid under the house the woman shared with her mother, waiting for the woman to leave for work. When she left, police believe that he attacked the 48-year-old woman with an axe. Reports indicate that the woman’s mother likely heard the alleged victim screaming and begged for the man to stop.

At some point, police say that the man may have tried to attack his ex-wife’s mother as well, but she managed to escape. He allegedly left the scene following the incident but later turned himself in. He has since been charged with second degree murder. The deceased woman reportedly obtained a restraining order against the man in 2015 after an incident in which police say the man likely intended to harm himself.

People in Louisiana who face charges are often unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. In order to create an effective criminal defense, there are often many issues that must be examined, including whether an individual may have been suffering from some form of mental issue at the time of the alleged offense. An attorney with experience with such cases can help a defendant examine all potential elements of a case, ensuring that he or she has the necessary information to make decisions that will likely have a major impact on the rest of his or her life.

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