Criminal defense: DEA agent in Louisiana arrested

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There are police officers and federal agents stationed in Louisiana who dedicate their whole lives to protecting others. For agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration stationed in the state, this involves helping keep drugs off the street. Unfortunately, a DEA agent is now left preparing his own criminal defense following his recent arrest.

The man has worked for the DEA for approximately 17 years. He reportedly ran a task force involving several other officers of the law. Unfortunately, he was recently arrested, accused of stealing money and other property seized as part of drug investigations. Additionally, he is accused of perjury and accepting a $10,000 “gratuity” in exchange for a recommendation for a reduced sentence for a defendant.

The charges stem from an investigation conducted by the Department of Justice. Several others on the task force have pleaded guilty to similar charges, two of whom are apparently now testifying against others facing similar charges. A representative for the veteran agent claims that the man will be vindicated and that those who accepted a plea deal and are planning to testify against the former are only doing so to reduce their sentences.

When it comes to alleged crimes involving federal agents, there is often a need for officials to prove that they are pursuing justice. Because of the desire to protect themselves from accusations of unfairness or playing favorites, prosecutors may be desperate to prove that they are holding members of law enforcement accountable. As a result, police officers facing criminal charges in Louisiana and other areas of the country often seek help examining the evidence against them and creating a viable criminal defense.

Source: The Washington Post, “DEA agent charged with stealing money from suspects”, Oct. 2, 2017

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