Criminal defense: Young man accused following mother’s death

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A family’s dynamics can often be complicated and difficult for those who are outside of the family’s circle to understand. Regardless of how obvious a family’s arguments may seem, no one outside of the home is likely to fully understand the circumstances in their entirety. Unfortunately, police are working to put together a picture of an incident in Louisiana that has likely left one man wondering about his criminal defense.

The 21-year-old male was arrested following the death of his mother. Police claim that they were originally called to the residence one afternoon on a day in early March. Initial reports indicated that the 42-year-old victim committed suicide.

However, police claim that the investigation eventually led them away from a conclusion of suicide. Instead, both the deceased woman’s son and husband were taken into custody for questioning. Police assert that the son ultimately confessed to killing the woman. Police have not released a possible motive, but the son now faces a charge of second-degree murder. Neighbors at the scene reported that they frequently heard arguing coming from the home.

Unfortunately, when confronted by authority figures, a young person can feel intimidated and may not fully recognize the implications of the information he or she chooses to provide. In some cases, people have even confessed to crimes that they did not commit. As a result, it is often helpful for people in Louisiana to have the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney even during the earliest stages of an investigation, before criminal charges have even been filed.

Source:, “Man accused of killing mother in Metairie shooting: JPSO“, Laura McKnight, March 2, 2018

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