Criminal defense for animal cruelty

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Owning an animal as a pet can bring comfort and enjoyment into a home. One Louisiana woman enjoyed pets so much that she took in any animal that needed a home. Consequently, this brought in many animals living under her roof and also resulted in her being accused of animal cruelty. Facing these allegations can be frightening, especially if the defendant has good intentions. As she waits to appear in court, she is likely considering her criminal defense options in this case.

The initial complaint against the woman was filed in November of 2017 after several dogs ran loose in the neighborhood. After animal services contacted the owner, they allegedly found 20 dogs living in unsanitary conditions. According to reports, supposedly there were many notices sent to the woman about the living condition of the animals. She states later she had misplaced those notices.

When the city allegedly attempted to make contact with the owner again but received no response, a search warrant was issued for the home. Purportedly, detectives found carcasses of animals on the property among the living animals. In total, 35 living animals were seized.

When indicted for any criminal offense in the state of Louisiana, the potential of jail time and significant fines can be extremely worrisome. However, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to review the evidence presented by the prosecution can help prepare a defense aimed at achieving the best possible outcome relative to one’s circumstances.

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