Criminal defense next for son accused of stabbing parents

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Every family experiences issues behind closed doors that are rarely presented in the public eye. When tempers flare, words are typically said and sometimes actions are involved that are soon regretted. However, in a family spat, there is always more than one side of the story to be told. Under the heat of a moment, allegedly a Louisiana man recently stabbed his parents in their family home, leading him to contemplate his criminal defense options.

Law enforcement claims that a 23-year-old man stabbed his parents in the early morning hours on a recent Friday. It is reported that the alleged attack was ignited when the mother told her son to quiet down. The police report that the 62-year-old mother was the first to be stabbed. Once she ran into her bedroom, the son then allegedly attacked his 59-year-old father.

The son left the residence in a vehicle after the purported altercation. Police soon spotted the accused within a half-hour of the incident. Supposedly, he led law enforcement in a brief pursuit, eventually surrendering to police custody. Both parents have been reported in stable conditions.

Any family conflict is upsetting in of itself, but it can be quite daunting when an accusation is added that could end with jail time and/or fines. When facing life-altering choices such as fighting charges or possibly making a plea deal, it is important to be informed in order to make the best possible decisions. Anyone in Louisiana facing similar situations can seek the aid of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to help navigate through the criminal justice system and bring some understanding of the potential ramifications.

Source:, “Man stabbed parents in Metairie after mom told him to quiet down, JPSO says“, Ramon Antonio Vargas, March 9,2018

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