Criminal defense unclear following Louisiana murder charge

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When a family member passes away, it is understandable that surviving family members want to understand why the loss occurred. If they believe that the loss was the result of someone else’s actions, a desire for justice is also understandable. However, making assumptions about an incident without a full understanding of the circumstances could prevent justice from being served. Unfortunately, a teenager in Louisiana is likely considering his criminal defense after he was accused of murder.

Although the alleged victim in the case only recently passed away, the attack that authorities say led to his death reportedly occurred a month earlier. Family members claim that the 89-year-old victim appeared to be on the mend and anxious to create a rehabilitation plan when he passed away. His death has since been ruled a homicide due to blunt force trauma.

A 16-year-old — whose identity has not been released since he is being tried as a juvenile — is accused. According to police, the teenager had previously performed work for the alleged victim and is believed to have attacked the man with a hammer in the foyer of the victim’s home. The victim’s wife was also injured during the alleged attack.

Police say that the teenager then stole the man’s car. He was reportedly taken into custody after he crashed the car. He was initially charged with attempted first degree murder but that charge was upgraded following the man’s death.

Many details regarding the alleged Louisiana incident are unclear, including a possible motive for the alleged attack. The teenager now facing criminal charges and his family are likely unsure about their options regarding the creation of an effective criminal defense. As a result, they may choose to seek guidance from an experienced professional.

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