Criminal defense: Uber driver accused of robbing for crack money

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Police say a 45-year-old man who was reportedly incarcerated by the Louisiana Department of Corrections until the beginning of last November recently admitted to robbing gas stations, He allegedly claimed that his crack cocaine addiction drove him to do it. Typically, the best strategy after an arrest is to seek the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can start building the defense immediately. This will give the lawyer time to understand the underlying facts and gather more details related to the case.

According to the sheriff’s office, officers arrested the 45-year-old man, accusing him of robbing several convenience stores at gas stations. They identified him after studying surveillance material that allegedly showed him grabbing money from cash registers. After one alleged robbery, an employee of the store claimed to have followed the man outside and took note of the vehicle in which he drove away.

Investigators checked ownership of the vehicle and determined that it belonged to a rental company whose records purportedly indicated that the man was an Uber driver. Authorities also suspect the same man of robbing another store shortly before the incident that was apparently caught on camera. Further allegations include the robbery of a third store on the previous day.

Any Louisiana resident who faces a criminal charge will likely realize that he or she will be facing the wrath of the government and its extensive resources. Although presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, it simply makes good sense to have strong advocate fight for one’s rights and pursuing the best possible outcome. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide dedicated and determined representation throughout all the stages of the legal process.

Source:, “Crack-addicted Uber driver arrested for string of gas station robberies“, Jan. 11, 2017

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