Criminal defense: Counterfeit charges filed against Louisiana man

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Businesses nationwide, including in Louisiana, are always concerned about the use of counterfeit money. Such vigilance by a store owner led to the arrest of a man who is now facing several charges. He and his legal counsel are likely focused on preparing a comprehensive criminal defense to the charges.

According to a report, a store owner informed the Deridder Police that a customer attempted to purchase prepaid debit cards with counterfeit $100 bills. With the evidence available on surveillance footage, police identified the purchaser as a 16-year-old boy. The following day, a city worker cleaned a trash can in a public park and came across approximately 4,000 $100 bills that proved to be counterfeit as well. Investigators examined the bills and determined that the ones used at the store matched those found in the park.

Investigators later identified a 24-year-old man as the one who produced the counterfeit money. Upon a vehicle and residence search, detectives claim to have found fraudulent checks — payroll and business checks of several businesses — along with a printer. More counterfeit money and the original bill used to create the counterfeit funds were allegedly found, along with other evidence that police say suggests counterfeit printing.

Law enforcement arrested the man and jailed him. He is charged with abuse of a monetary instrument, conspiracy to abuse such an instrument and theft by fraud. They also arrested the juvenile who purportedly used some of the counterfeit money but later released him to his family. In similar cases, the services of experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorneys can assess the accusations and the evidence that prosecutors intend to use in court. In some circumstances, an independent investigation may be prudent as all reasonable efforts are made to achieve an optimal result.

Source:, “Leesville man arrested with counterfeit money”, Jan. 4, 2017

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