Criminal defense: Surveillance footage leads to Louisiana charges

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People in Louisiana often assume that a single mistake in a person’s life is a precedent for the rest of their choices. For example, if a person is convicted of a crime, it is easy for many to assume that he or she will continue with a life of crime even though many are able to turn their lives around. Unfortunately, a man who was previously convicted of a felony is being sought after police say surveillance footage showed him trespassing; he will likely soon be considering his criminal defense as a result of the charges he faces.

The incident occurred in late June. Police were called to a residence following accusations of trespassing. As part of their investigation, they reportedly reviewed surveillance footage that they say shows a man with a gun approach the residence’s front door before walking around the property. Police say that he then entered a building on the property described as a shop.

Detectives say that they have identified the man as a 47-year-old convicted felon from another state, although it is unclear how they made that identification. He faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and criminal trespassing; his bond has been set at over $22,000. However, police have reportedly been unable to locate him.

While many issues regarding the alleged incident are unclear, including a potential motive, the man now faces multiple charges to which he will likely have to respond. Unfortunately, the average person in Louisiana may be unable to create the most effective criminal defense. As a result, they often choose to seek guidance from an attorney with the necessary experience and training to adequately defend them.

Source:, “Armed Vidor man wanted by Louisiana deputies after being caught on video trespassing at Starks home”, Aug. 17, 2017

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