Criminal defense: Louisiana woman arrested following chase

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Often, when people in Louisiana or other areas of the country face criminal charges, they are uncertain about their options. Because of this lack of certainty, many struggle to create a sound criminal defense. One woman is likely considering how she will respond to the multiple charges recently filed against her.

The incident that resulted in the woman’s arrested allegedly began at approximately 11:30 a.m. on a day in mid-June. Deputies claim that they initially noticed a speeding vehicle allegedly traveling on the shoulder of a road. When they attempted to stop the vehicle, they claim that the driver attempted to flee.

They claim that this prompted a pursuit that reached high speeds. Reports indicate that the woman was able to avoid spikes that the Louisiana State Police deployed before striking a sports utility vehicle. Police say that the car eventually came to a stop, and the woman was taken into custody after she is said to have attempted to flee in a bayou. Reports indicate that police believe that she was under the influence of drugs. She now faces several charges, including reckless operation and DWI.

Those accused of crimes have to make the decision of whether to fight charges in court or enter a guilty plea. This decision is often based on the unique circumstances of an individual case. To help them fully understand their options in regard to a criminal defense, many in Louisiana seek guidance from a criminal defense attorney with experience with similar cases. Knowing that they have someone knowledgeable willing to fight on their behalf can often ease some of the stress felt by those going through this process.

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