Criminal defense: 2 arrested after death at party in Louisiana

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When there is some sort of medical incident, people without medical training often struggle to determine the severity of the issue. For example, if a person is drinking and consuming drugs and becomes unconscious, it may be difficult to determine if there is some sort of medical emergency happening. Unfortunately, two people have recently been arrested after police say a man died following a night of partying in Louisiana, likely leaving the two people wondering about their criminal defense.

According to reports, four people were at a party at a house. One of the people, a 21-year-old man, reportedly became unconscious. Police say that the other three people decided to remove his clothing and place him in a bathtub. At some point, one of the remaining three people left the home.

Reports claim that the remaining two, a 20-year-old male and 19-year-old female, checked on the unconscious man. Allegedly finding his condition unchanged, they went to bed. Unfortunately, when they awoke the next morning, they discovered that he had passed away. The two people were arrested and now face charges of second degree murder, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of narcotics. Police are still looking for the person believed to have left the party.

Those arrested in this case face serious allegations. The decisions that they make as part of their criminal defense can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. As a result, they may want to seek guidance from an experienced attorney in Louisiana who can help them fully understand the options available to them as well as their potential outcomes.

Source:, “Man dies in bathtub at party, two arrested for homicide“, July 2, 2017

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