Criminal defense: Louisiana man accused of attacking ex’s friend

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The end of a relationship can be filled with animosity and contention. Often, one or both parties may have difficulty transitioning to the next stage of their lives. However, most of this difficulty lies in the individual’s emotional response to the event. Despite this, police claim that a man in Louisiana attacked his ex-girlfriend’s friend at her apartment. The ex-boyfriend now faces several criminal charges and may be considering his criminal defense.

The incident that led to the 23-year-old man’s arrest happened on a night in mid-December. According to police, the man entered his ex-girlfriend’s home; she was not at home at the time. However, a 24-year-old male who had fallen asleep was still at the apartment. He claims that he woke up to someone striking him in the head with a gun.

The alleged victim claims that his attacker told him to gather his belongings and leave. He further states that the latter shot at his vehicle at least five times, shattering his rear windshield. Police claim that their investigation led them to the man now facing multiple criminal charges, including home invasion, second-degree murder and aggravated second-degree battery.

Regardless of the claims that police officers make, a person is presumed innocent unless — and only if — proved otherwise. In order to do so, Louisiana prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because of the seriousness of the charges against him, the defendant in this case may choose to seek guidance from a criminal defense attorney with experience with such cases.

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