3 men in Louisiana face drug charges after paying bill

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There are many people in Louisiana who want to ensure that their financial obligations are met. For most, this includes paying their bills. Unfortunately, a trip to pay a bill ultimately resulted in an arrest in Louisiana recently. The three people arrested now face drug charges.

Police reports indicate that the three men went to City Hall on a day in early January in order to pay a utility bill. However, a police officer who walked by their vehicle claims to have smelled marijuana. An investigation began as a result.

Police say that as a result of their investigation, they discovered pills — though it is unclear what kind of pills — a gun, scales and cash. Officers further claim that a concealed handgun was discovered on one of the men connected with the vehicle. As a result of the search, a 28-year-old man and two 18-year-old men were arrested. All face drug charges while two of the men also face weapons charges.

Everyone in the United States has certain protections provided by the Constitution, including protections from an unreasonable search and seizure. Because the charges against them were sparked by an officer’s allegations that he smelled something suspicious, the three men now facing drug charges may decide to have an attorney with experience with such cases examine the events leading up to their arrest. If they were treated unlawfully, such a professional knows how to respond. Additionally, many people in Louisiana who seek such guidance often feel more prepared to make the decisions facing them as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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