Criminal defense: Louisiana college students accused of theft

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Most people have likely seen footage recorded by surveillance cameras. In many circumstances, recordings lack clarity, making it difficult to identify people appearing on the footage. However, many people in Louisiana often find themselves creating a criminal defense based on identifications made on grainy, unclear surveillance footage. In fact, 13 University of Louisiana football players have been suspended following their arrest based on such footage.

The incident allegedly occurred on a day in early April. Police claim that items valued at approximately $2,400 were stolen from a dorm room. Items taken from the room reportedly include clothing, a game console and a television. The alleged victim’s mother reported the incident to police.

Officials say that they arrested 13 football players based on surveillance footage. All are said to have surrendered after the arrest warrants were issued. The are facing a charge of criminal conspiracy to commit felony theft. They also face an indefinite suspension as a result of allegedly violating team rules.

Those who are facing criminal accusations in Louisiana are often unfamiliar with the judicial process. Because of their lack of experience, they may be unable to create an appropriate criminal defense without help from a criminal defense attorney. Fortunately, such professionals can help those facing charges fully understand their options as well as make decisions regarding which option is most appropriate for their individual circumstances. Often, the assurance that they are fully informed about their case can help reduce some of the stress often associated with being charged with a crime.

Source: ABC News, “13 Louisiana-Lafayette football players suspended, arrested on theft charges“, Karma Allen, April 27, 2017

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