Woman faces multiple drug charges following fight with husband

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A woman was recently arrested on charges related to drugs in Louisiana after getting into an altercation with her husband. The incident occurred at an intersection of a street and U.S. Highway 167. The woman facing drug charges is 34 years old.

According to police, when they got to the scene of the altercation, the husband was wiping himself off after the wife had tossed a drink at him. Police said they noticed a small bag of marijuana on the floor on the passenger’s side of the couple’s car. They later determined that more than 3 grams of marijuana were in the baggie.

After police got permission to search their vehicle, they allegedly found a pill bottle on which the name of a person had been scratched off. They also found three Oxycodone pills, which the woman reportedly said belonged to her, along with the marijuana. According to police, the woman told them that a friend had provided her with the pills and that she had removed the name from the bottle — an illegal act. A hydrocodone pill was also allegedly discovered when police searched the woman’s purse. When she got to a jail and was forced to undergo a strip search, she reportedly tried to consume additional marijuana that she had on her.

The woman is now facing several charges in Louisiana, including possessing marijuana, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone, tampering with evidence, bringing contraband into a jail, and scratching a name off of a pill bottle. All of these, except for possessing marijuana, are felony charges. Any person who faces drug charges has the right to fight these charges at trial, where the prosecution must prove them beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can occur. Defense counsel will push for the most favorable outcome for the defendant while ensuring that his or her rights are protected during the criminal proceedings.

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