Woman charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud in Louisiana

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Medicaid has recently been aggressively debated by politicians. For many people, it is an important government assistance program which they depend upon. Unfortunately, many people attempt to take advantage of the system to obtain assistance which they are not supposed to receive or to enrich themselves. There are strict laws in place which make it illegal to file false Medicaid claims. However, one woman in Louisiana has recently been charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud and could face time in prison if convicted.

The authorities arrested the 34-year-old woman in mid-December, according to the Louisiana Attorney General. The woman is being accused of filing false Medicaid claims. Initially, the complaint was referred to the Legislative Auditor’s office. However, Investigators from the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit ultimately arrested the woman.

The woman was working as a personal care attendant at the time of the incident. She allegedly filed false documentation stating that she provided personal care services to a Medicaid patient at the patient’s residence, when in reality she was actually assisting other patients during that time. The woman submitted falsified timesheets to her employer, which caused the Medicaid program to be fraudulently billed $7,315.

Luckily for the woman, she will have a chance to defend herself against the charges of Medicaid fraud in court. More than likely there are a variety of defense strategies available to the defendant. However, it will be necessary for her to obtain knowledge of applicable laws and statutes in Louisiana. This will ensure that her legal argument will be strong and well-presented in front of the court.

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