Woman accused of possession with intent to distribute

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One woman has been accused of committing crimes involving drugs in Louisiana. Her charge is for drug possession with intent to distribute. The woman who has been arrested is 30 years old.

The arrest took place early on a Tuesday in early December. It occurred after police stopped the woman’s vehicle while it was traveling along Louisiana Highway 117. Police said they had stopped her for the improper usage of a lane.

During the traffic stop, police said they found a total of 9 ounces of crystal meth in the woman’s purse. This quantity of crystal meth has an estimated street value of more than $25,000. The woman was charged with possessing a drug and intending to distribute it, as well as improperly using a lane. She was booked into a parish’s detention center.

If the woman accused of drug possession with intent to distribute believes that going to trial is in her best interest, she has the right to do so. The prosecution, at trial, has to prove the woman’s charges using relevant evidence and, only then, can a criminal conviction be handed down in Louisiana. In some situations, potential evidence carries enough weight that the defendant deems it best to pursue negotiations for a plea deal, which, if available, might result in lesser charges or a sentence that is more lenient for the accused. Defense counsel will pursue a result that is most favorable for the client while simultaneously fighting to make sure that all of the individual’s applicable legal rights are upheld during the criminal proceeding.

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