Woman accused of drunk driving in Louisiana after fatal crash

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Car accidents happen every day for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, some accidents result in criminal charges, leaving people in Louisiana wondering about their legal options. One woman in Louisiana is likely in such a situation after she was arrested for drunk driving.

The woman’s arrest follows a fatal accident that occurred on a Louisiana causeway. According to reports, a vehicle driven by a 26-year-old woman struck a pickup truck in the rear. The force of the collision allegedly pushed the truck into the bridge railing.

Unfortunately, a piece of metal from the railing reportedly pierced the window of the cab, striking one of its occupants. The man passed away as a result of his injuries. A second occupant was injured, but the extent and nature of his injuries are unclear. The woman has since been arrested and charged with third-offense DWI, driving on a suspended license, vehicular homicide and vehicular negligent injuring.

The young woman in this case could spend several years in prison if convicted of the drunk driving and other charges she faces. As a result, she must make difficult decisions in regard to her criminal defense — decisions that she may feel unprepared to make on her own. Fortunately, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Louisiana who can help ensure that she fully understands all of her options and the potential consequences of each so that she can make informed decisions about the direction her case will follow. This includes whether to fight the charges in court or pursue a plea deal.

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