Warning signs that can indicate a couple might divorce

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Some people here in Louisiana who get a divorce say that their spouse asked for one “out of nowhere.” Feeling blindsided is not uncommon, though there are others who say that they saw signs that they were headed for a split. Experts say that there are several common warnings that a couple could end up getting a divorce.

Several of these indicators have to do with how spouses communicate. People who use the silent treatment against one another may think that they’re allowing time for each person to settle down, but if it means that two spouses are regularly not communicating, it can lead to misunderstanding. Another problem is when couples don’t have deeper-level conversations, as this can make a relationship feel too much like friendship. When one or both spouses has difficulty listening to the other, it can cause hurt feelings and make a person feel as though that individual does not have the support of his or her partner.

The other type of warning signs can be summed up as behaviors. If one or both spouses overuses smart devices in lieu of talking to the other person, it can make that person feel as though he or she is not a priority. Couples who don’t spend quality time together may also feel distanced from one another. Lastly, though it may seem small, body language is important — if one spouse physically distances him or herself from the other spouse, it can cause resentment.

Though there is no clear way to determine whether a couple will divorce, it is important to note that divorce is something that happens to a great deal of people. Those here in Louisiana who are thinking of filing for divorce may want to reach out to an attorney to get help with the entire process. It may be the first step toward a new life.

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