Two used car dealership co-owners charged with fraud

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Felony charges were recently filed against two men in Louisiana in connection to fraudulent activity. The men co-own a used car dealership. The fraud charges filed against them came after police reportedly discovered that they were stealing large sums of money in sales tax revenues from the state.

Investigators with Louisiana’s revenue department said the two men underreported more than 100 vehicles’ sale prices. They then allegedly shorted Louisiana on the vehicles’ sales taxes. Finally, they reportedly pocketed the difference.

The department of revenue reported that the investigation revealed that the cars they sold were really valued at over a million dollars. The two men, however, reported their gross sales to be only $146,000. As a result, they are said to have defrauded Louisiana of more than $37,000 in sales taxes.

Individuals who are under investigation for fraud or other types of white collar crime in Louisiana would be wise to seek legal guidance as quickly as possible. The criminal defense may consult with certified fraud examiners, computer analysts, forensic accountants and other experts to explore all aspects of the evidence that the prosecution plans to present at trial. Because the prosecution must prove all charges beyond a reasonable doubt, defense counsel might be able to discredit or undermine this evidence in an effort to protect the defendant’s freedom and future. The criminal defense will strive for the most favorable outcome for the defendant, considering the circumstances surrounding the case, while simultaneously making sure that the individual’s relevant rights are protected at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Lafayette used car dealers accused of sales tax fraud“, July 26, 2016

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