Traffic stop can result in drug charges

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

Seeing flashing red and blue lights in one’s rear-view mirror can cause fear that can lead to a fight or flight reaction. In a recent incident in Louisiana such an incident may have caused a driver to flee and a police chase to ensue. The driver of the pursued vehicle and his passenger are now facing multiple charges, including drug charges.

On a recent morning, an officer attempted to pullover a Nissan sedan for a traffic violation. The driver of the vehicle allegedly refused to stop and fled the pursuing police officer. The chase reportedly lasted for approximately eight minutes. The officer claimed that multiple traffic violations occurred during the chase. There were no reported injuries or reports of any vehicle damage.

The driver and his passenger were eventually taken into custody. They were arrested and taken to a correctional facility. The driver faces charges for reckless driving and drug charges, and his passenger is also facing drug charges. It is not known what specifically caused the charges to be brought against the individuals.

When a person is stopped for a traffic violation a vehicle may be searched if an officer has reasonable cause to search the vehicle. There are rules and procedures that must be followed when searching for and seizing such evidence in Louisiana. A person who faces drug charges may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney can apprise the client of one’s rights and help to ensure that those rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

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