The true story could affect the outcome of drug charges

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The battle against illicit drug use rages on in Louisiana and around the country. Few days go by without a story on drug use showing up in media headlines. Another such story surfaced recently regarding the father of a teenager know to many in Louisiana as JJ. He’s a fan of the New Orleans Saints and the LSU football team. He suffers from a rare liver disease and his father is facing drug charges.

His father was recently arraigned on numerous drug charges. He has been accused of allegedly selling cocaine and heroin. He also faces charges of wire fraud and witness tampering and has even been accused of stealing money from a GoFundMe account intended to help defray medical costs for his son. He was allegedly caught on video selling cocaine last year and as a result was denied bail.

The charges and allegations against JJ’s father are very serious. If convicted, he could face a sentence of up to 10 years. The defense claims there is more to the story than has so far been disclosed. JJ lives with his mother and is reportedly unaware of his father’s situation.

Facing drug charges in Louisiana can be overwhelming. Knowing one’s rights and ensuring that those rights are protected is paramount. A person without a legal background may not be aware of all of the rights that one is entitled to. Seeking out the help of a legal professional in Louisiana can help ensure that one’s rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process. The burden of proof of guilt is on the prosecution and must be supported by competent and relevant evidence presented in court.

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