Teenagers preparing criminal defense after a high speed chase

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The flashing lights of an approaching police car can alarm anyone in Louisiana. Being a teenage driver and seeing flashing lights coming up from behind can be frightening. The fear can cause a fight or flight instinct to kick in, resulting in a high speed chase and subsequent arrest of frightened teenagers. When this occurs, the focus shifts to considering criminal defense options.

Five teenagers were pursued recently in a stolen vehicle for several miles before the car crashed. During the chase, gunshots were reportedly exchanged between the teens and the police. There were no gunshot injuries. The five teenagers were arrested and charged with burglary and attempted murder. Two of the five were girls, ages 13 and 16.

The chase began when deputies were called to the neighborhood for a disturbance about 1:45 a.m. It was reported that someone was pulling car door handles in the neighborhood. Deputies arriving on the scene attempted to confront the suspects, but they say one of the teenagers got out of a reported stolen Mazda and allegedly pointed a gun at one deputy. The deputy reportedly fired his gun while trying to get out of the way of the approaching Mazda. Other deputies on the scene pursued the vehicle and apprehended the suspects after the crash.

Young people do not always exercise the best judgment, and when confronted by police this judgment may be further diminished. Anyone who finds him or herself in a situation where criminal charges are being filed in Louisiana may benefit from seeking the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. Criminal charges must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced attorney can review the circumstances of a client’s case and recommend the best defense to assist in his or her client pursuing the best outcome possible.

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