Sex crimes conviction means mandatory registration in Louisiana

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It is no secret that Louisiana is cracking down on sex crimes. Facing sex crimes charges in this state can lead to a whole variety of problems for the accused. If that person is later convicted of those sex crimes, he or she may face a lifelong stigma that can affect everything from getting a job to moving to another state.

However, moving from one state to another may not help a convicted person erase his or her sex offender registration status. In fact, moving may lead to problems with the police, as one man found out when he moved to Louisiana and failed to register. That man is now charged with failing to register as a convicted sex offender in Louisiana.

According to police, deputies arrested the 44-year-old man in New Iberia. The Louisiana State Police had been notified that the man had obtained a Louisiana Drivers License. When he obtained a Louisiana Drivers License, local law enforcement officers realized that he had not registered as a sex offender. Detectives with the Sex Offender Compliance Division contacted the United States Marshal’s Office and got the man’s arrest history from New York, where he was living previously.

The story illustrates how a conviction on sex crimes charges has the potential to follow a person throughout his or her life. For those facing these types of charges, legal assistance is often the best option available. A solid criminal defense can lead to a reduction of the charges or an acquittal, as well as save an accused person from a lifetime of worry.

Source:, “Man arrested in Iberia Parish for not registering as sex offender,” Tonya Lacoste, Nov. 23, 2011

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