Romantic bonds can lead to the need for a criminal defense

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Many people in our society are struggling to rebuild their lives through recovery from drug or alcohol problems. The fight to get sober and the resolve to begin life anew in Louisiana remains an ongoing battle, even for those with multiple years of sobriety. Romantic relationships can further complicate the situation. Partners may be in different phases of recovery but want to remain in the relationship. If one partner gets into trouble, it can lead to trouble for the other partner and lead to his or her need for a criminal defense.

Such is the case for a young woman from Hancock County who was convicted on drug charges in 2015. She resolved to get her life back and she succeeded. She got a full-time job, showed up for drug court and appeared to be on her way to a better life. She moved into a trailer and was joined by her boyfriend who was a convicted thief and was arrested for stealing a Ford truck. The truck was parked on the property and the young woman was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property after a search warrant revealed other stolen items in the home.

The young woman has no record of stealing and has not been charged with any thefts. However, it was claimed that she drove her boyfriend to locations that he intended to rob. She is alleged to have known what was going on.

A person who has fought for a second chance at life and then stumbles may face a tough battle in Louisiana. Someone facing such a situation could benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The person facing this situation is still presumed innocent, until and unless proven guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.

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