Robbery suspects could benefit from criminal defense

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

Robbery is an ongoing problem in areas of Louisiana. A young man was arrested recently on charges of armed robbery. The individual, a 27-year-old male, was apprehended in a parking lot in the West Lake Forrest area. He allegedly robbed a Chevron station in the Little Woods neighborhood recently. The man is fully entitled to a criminal defense.

The robbery was purportedly committed by a person who was said to be wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves. A search of nearby dumpsters produced a surgical mask, latex gloves and a sweatshirt believed to have been worn by the thief. The man arrested supposedly matched the physical description of the alleged thief, which was apparently corroborated by multiple witnesses.

When the man was arrested, a search warrant was executed to obtain a saliva sample in order to confirm the his identity and to determine if his DNA matched that found on the mask and gloves retrieved from the dumpster. According to New Orleans police, there have been several reported robberies that match the M.O. of the one in the West Lake Forest area. The man being held on suspicion of having committed the West Lake Forrest crime is detained in lieu of a $175,000 bond and faces a charge of armed robbery.

Anyone charged with a crime in Louisiana is entitled to a criminal defense. Faced with possible DNA evidence a person suspected of a crime may also be under a lot of stress and fear regarding an uncertain future. A criminal defense attorney can advise an accused individual of what one’s rights are under the law. An attorney can review the facts and evidence in the case and will fight to achieve the best outcome for the client.

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